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    In addition to being the CEO & Founder of the 10th Annual Get Money Stop Hatin Tour, GMSH Live LLC, DBBS Entertainment, DBBS Management, the Static Infusion Tour, and the Who's the Hottest Competition, Jess Jones is also a Promoter, Producer, Philanthropist, Publisher, Audio Engineer, Artist, and Activist. 


    "I've dedicated my life to this music and entertainment game. Every platform and service I provide is designed to help artists help themselves... Take control of your own career and be your own boss. You don't need permission to be great." 

    Jess J’s music can be classified in the same authoritative realm of T.I. or Rick Ross, but with more of a compassionate approach.  You’ll hear the influences of a variety of artists, old and new, in Jess J’s music.  With that being said, Jess J sounds like Jess J.  Through his original music, Jess helps you feel and experience something missing in today’s world of hip-hop, realness.


    Over the last thirteen years, Jess J has been building a strong following throughout United States.  Performing in various cities with his "Get Money Stop Hatin" Tour, Jess J's presence and energy have captivated audiences time and time again.  In concert, Jess often displays characteristics of the elusive “It” factor. 


    What separates Jess from most artists today is that he is 100% self-contained.  Jess J writes, produces, performs, arranges, mixes, & masters the vast majority of his music.  Jess also promotes most of his own concerts, including the annual “Get Money Stop Hatin” Tour, which is currently in the 10th year. Sin​ce 2009, this tour has produced over 700 concerts in 80+ different cities with 250,000+ concert attendees in the United States.


    To date, Jess has independently released two albums and two mixtapes, combining to sell over 40,000 units. Jess J will be continuing the GMSH Mixtape series and releaseing a new solo project in 2019.  


    What sets Jess J’s music apart is his ability to make street music respected by the mainstream as well as mainstream music respected by the streets. His overall allure, empathy, and street savvy bring a new dimension to an old story that has been told many times before…..